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CO2 Markets & Reforestation

Greener Pastures: Reforestation Taking Root in Indonesia’s Mining Scars

Indonesia, a nation rich in natural resources, faces a significant challenge: the environmental and social consequences of widespread mining activities. However, a promising solution is emerging – reforestation efforts are reclaiming despoiled lands, offering a glimmer of hope for a more sustainable future. Ground Zero: Where Reforestation Efforts Thrive The most significant reforestation initiatives are…
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Golden opportunities to drive down mining and metals carbon emissions

While there may not be a single silver decarbonisation bullet, there are emerging and significant opportunities in the mining and processing sectors to leave fossil fuels behind Anthony Knutson – Metals & Mining Emissions Research Lead In the quest for decarbonisation, every industry must navigate its own unique challenges and embrace opportunities to reduce emissions…
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The reforestation of depleted mining areas in Indonesia

The reforestation of depleted mining areas in Indonesia is an essential initiative to restore the ecological balance and promote sustainable development. Due to extensive mining activities, many areas of Indonesia have been left barren, devoid of vegetation, and vulnerable to erosion. Reforestation efforts aim to rehabilitate these degraded lands by planting native tree species, creating…
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