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CO2 Markets & Reforestation

Unveiling the Risks of Subseabed CO2 Storage

Beneath the Waves: Unveiling the Risks of Subseabed CO2 Storage

eyesonindonesia 1. The Depths of Promise In the azure embrace of our oceans, a revolutionary endeavor unfolds: subseabed CO2 storage. This audacious technology aims to trap carbon dioxide deep within Earth’s crust, far from prying eyes and the atmospheric dance of greenhouse gases. But as we venture into these uncharted depths, we must acknowledge the…
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The Dance of Carbon: Reforestation vs. Sub-Seabed Storage

eyesonindonesia 1. The Minister’s Bold Move In a daring twist, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck has set sail on uncharted waters. His plan? To dump carbon dioxide (CO₂) into the North Sea. Critics raise their eyebrows, fearing sea acidification and seismic ripples. But Habeck stands firm, envisioning a climate solution beneath the waves. 2. Reforestation:…
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