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CO2 Markets & Reforestation

Suriname aims to be first to sell Paris Agreement carbon credits, adviser says

Sept 13 (Reuters) – The South American forest nation of Suriname plans to become the first country to sell carbon credits under a system set up by the 2015 U.N. Paris Agreement to help curb climate change, an adviser on the sale told Reuters. The prospective sale is a bid to attract investors with government-backed…
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Smart Forestry Made in Finland

The forestry industry is going through an extensive transformation, with inventory, harvesting and management all going digital and data-driven. This means demand for new solutions in which Finland is a world-class provider. We help the industry respond to the growing demand for wood, while preserving the environment for future generations. Finland has the digital innovations,…
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Finnish Solutions for Smart Forestry

Strong digital expertise and industrial know-how make Finland a global leader in smart forestry. Finland Finland is one of the global superpowers in digitalization and forestry. The new, digital innovations are offering new solutions for the transformation of the industry – to increase the efficiency and safety as well as to offer real-time, accurate and…
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Smart Forestry Market Analysis

Analysis of current status and opportunities in forestry digitalization market AFRY has supported Business Finland to analyse theSmart Forestry market and identify opportunities for Finnish companies in the sector: Business Finland has launched a Smart Forestry programme, aiming at identifying newbusiness opportunities in the global sustainable forestry and wood sourcing value chain,leveraging from Finnish know-how…
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