Smart Forestry Market Analysis

CO2 Markets & Reforestation

Smart Forestry Market Analysis

Analysis of current status and opportunities in forestry digitalization market

AFRY has supported Business Finland to analyse theSmart Forestry market and identify opportunities for Finnish companies in the sector:

Business Finland has launched a Smart Forestry programme, aiming at identifying new
business opportunities in the global sustainable forestry and wood sourcing value chain,
leveraging from Finnish know-how in forestry technology, data collection and analysis and
optimisation within the value chain.

  • In this context, Business Finland has decided to carry out a global landscape analysis the
    forestry digitalization industry in order to better understand the global market opportunities
    of Finnish forestry digitalization technology and know-how in a forward-looking manner.
  • AFRY Management Consulting has been supporting Business Finland in the analysis during
    summer and autumn 2021.
  • The analysis is based on publicly available data sources and databases, combined with
    knowledge of AFRY’s global expert network and insight to global and local aspects of Smart
    Forestry. Also, based on AFRY’s long experience in working in global forestry and bioindustry
    space, AFRY has a deep insight to the global forestry value chains, current practices and
    opportunities, including the regional specifics.

Geographic focus of the analysis covers the key existing and emerging forestry regions globally, at a regional level

The most relevant regions in terms of forest resources were selected for the analysis.
Industrial forest resources in Northern hemisphere are softwood dominated semi-natural forests:

  • Nordics and Baltic countries
  • Rest of Europe (HW plantations in
    Iberian peninsula)
  • Northwest Russia
  • Rest of Russia
  • US Southeast (mostly SW plantations)
  • US Pacific Northwest and Canadian
    British Columbia
  • US Northeast and East Canada
    The industrial forest resources in the
    tropics and Southern hemisphere
    concentrate on hardwood plantations:
  • Brazil
  • Rest of South America
  • Africa (both SW and HW)
  • China (both SW and HW)
  • Southeast Asia
  • Oceania (SW mostly in New Zealand,
    HW and SW in Australia)

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