Clean Energy Sector could be an amazing opportunity for employment

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Clean Energy Sector could be an amazing opportunity for employment

The Industry Now Employs More People Than Fossil Fuel Industry


Amsterdam, 1 Feb. 2024– Over Thirty-five million people are now employed in the global clean energy sector, compared to 32 million in the fossil fuel industry, according to a new report released Wednesday by the International Energy Agency.

The second edition of the annual World Energy Employment report showed that global energy employment rose to 67 million last year, an increase of 3.4 million from pre-pandemic levels.

More than half of the growth over this period was in just five sectors: solar photovoltaics, wind, electric vehicles and batteries, heat pumps and critical minerals mining.

Of them, solar PV was by far the largest employer, accounting for 4 million jobs, while EVs and batteries were the fastest growing, adding well over 1 million jobs since 2019, the report said.

Fossil fuel jobs have also seen an increase year on year, but the rebound has been more subdued, leaving them below pre-pandemic levels.

The uptick in clean energy jobs occurred in every region of the world, with China accounting for the largest share of jobs added globally.

The report, however, raised concern about shortages of skilled labor as the number of workers pursuing degrees or certifications relevant to energy sector jobs is not keeping pace with growing demand.

A survey of more than 160 energy companies conducted by the IEA showed that installation and repair work positions were the number one occupation segment for which respondents had the greatest
difficulty hiring.

Developing a sufficiently large and skilled local workforce is an imperative in every region, as most energy jobs are tied to the location where installations are developed, according to the report.



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