Kim Stanley Robinson: The Ministry for the Future

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Kim Stanley Robinson: The Ministry for the Future

Kim Stanley Robinson

Uniting science and politics, and giving voice to our most ardent hopes and our worst fears, American climate fiction pioneer Kim Stanley Robinson’s book ‘The Ministry for the Future’ is a gripping portrayal of a world grappling with the devastating consequences of climate change and the urgent actions needed to forge a sustainable future. In a world that is rapidly warming and where the conversation has already moved from mitigation to adaptation, where climate protestors are treated as security threats and global corporations continue to pollute the planet, discourses on our common future tend toward the apocalyptic.

Under such circumstances, imagining the future is a daunting task. Yet ‘The Ministry for the Future’ reaffirms Robinson’s unique ability to weave science and storytelling into a compelling imaginative tool, offering thought-provoking solutions that often get lost amidst the highly polarized debate about how to best tackle this life-threatening problem.

This video was recorded on Nov 8th, 2023 in De Duif, Amsterdam


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