Saving CO2 and money

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Saving CO2 and money

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Smart windows save households money and CO2

A thermochrome coating is applied to the windows. This extra layer ensures that the optical properties change at a certain temperature. If it is warmer than 20 degrees Celsius, then the solar heat is kept out. Is it colder? Then the windows let in the heat of the sun.

Buildings and houses are thus naturally cooled and heated. Air conditioners and fans have to be on less often. The heating can also be lowered by using the sunlight. Previous lab tests show that the use of this coating can lead to lower energy consumption compared to the current standard HR++ glass.

This saves between 500 and 400 kilos of CO2 emissions per household, TNO calculated. A modest number, since a household emits an average of 13,000 kilos of CO2 annually. The majority, about 80 percent, comes from energy consumption for heating and electricity.

In addition to emissions, the windows also save money. An average household that uses air conditioning could save 500 euros per year, the research institute has calculated. An average household is expected to recoup the investment in five to seven years.

Available from 2025

For the time being, TNO is still doing research to be able to produce the windows on a large scale. The windows should be ready for the market by 2025. If you want the coating in your windows, you need to replace the windows. In the long run, the idea is that the coating can also be added to existing windows.

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